Senaptec strobe goggles are made by a company called Senaptec. These glasses here increase visual cognition, and the ability to analyze the scene in front of an athlete and decide what action to take. In sports like football, basketball, and hockey, this skill is crucial to success. These goggles improve visual cognition in athletes and can increase the athlete’s response time and anticipatory timing.

Reflexion strobe goggles

Strobe glasses like the Senaptec Reflexion have a wide range of uses. In sports training, they can help athletes enhance visual skills, increase anticipation, and improve reaction time. These specialized training aids should be in any athletic training center or therapy room. The strobe glasses come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please be sure to return them in re-sellable condition and in their original packaging within that time. It will take around 10-14 days for the glasses to be shipped to you.

As a basketball player, you should know how important visual perception is to your game performance. Fast-paced basketball games are difficult to play without proper training and experience. You can easily lose balance when tracking the ball with only one eye or choose to watch the game rather than stay stable. In this case, strobe glasses come in handy. Whether you’re playing basketball or running errands, you’ll benefit from a pair of Senaptec Reflexion strobe goggles.

For athletes, the Senaptec Strobe is designed to help them process visual information faster and increase their decision-making abilities. In a fifteen-minute session, most athletes will see a marked improvement in their reaction time. Because flickering lenses are difficult to process, they help the brain focus on visual tasks more quickly. In addition, the heightened visual capability improves eye-hand coordination, balance, and movement.

Strobe goggles can be difficult to use in sports training because athletes want to know how they are progressing. However, Reflexion offers a comprehensive set of neuro-fitness training drills for athletes, so the player can see his/her progress as they train. The report cards let the athlete see how their training is affecting his or her performance against others. This allows the coach to make the necessary changes to ensure the athlete’s success.